USB Fairy Lights bring Christmas a little early


Plan to spruce up your desktop but have no idea on how to go about it? The USB Fairy Lights will be able to do just that, offering a unique method of decorating your computer or notebook. It kinda reminds me of those long, tangled Christmas lights that make the entire home look warmer even during the coldest of winters. The USB Fairy Lights feature a string of stars that emit a soft, blue glow to light up its environment. Unfortunately, it looks as though blue is the only color available at the moment, with no mention on the product page of having other choices.

Do you think this USB-powered accessory is a little over the top for your taste? I would recommend using this on a desktop only, as attaching one to a notebook can be quite impractical, considering how you tote the notebook everywhere with you. Each string of USB Fairy Lights retail for £8.90.

Product Page via Uberreview

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