Sims credit cards coming our way?


The Sims have been one of the most successful gaming franchises to date, selling millions upon millions of copies that I am surprised Electronic Arts have not come up with a virtual Sims world in the same vein as Second Life to date. The Sims juggernaut has just taken another giant step out of the traditional computer and game market by offering a Sims credit card, bypassing normal routes which other companies would take such as stickers and action figures. There are currently a quartet of designs to choose from on the Sims' website, and users will have to cast their votes before the final design can be decided upon.

While your girlfriends whip out their ordinary looking Visa and Master credit cards at a social function, stand out from the crowd with the Sims credit card. I wonder if we can purchase Simoleans from our Sims credit cards to be used inside the game itself - now that would be an interesting thought. What next, a Second Life credit card? Additional details are scant, although the official site promises "exciting rewards and offers for The Sims player community."

Source: Kotaku

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