DVDs and CDs in a tube

bluedot-divitaI am sure that many of us by now would have built up a pretty impressive collection of CDs and DVDs, but somehow or rather displaying them on a rack just doesn't quite make the cut any more due to the lack of space. If you don't have that much of an emotional attachment to your CD and DVD jewel cases, you can always remove their content and index them into the BlueDot Divita BDM-100S storage tower. This high-end CD and DVD storage system can hold up to a hundred discs and accessed via the high resolution 1.6" color TFT display and number pad. The only problem would be indexing each disc - you will have to manually enter the information via the number pad one by one before reaping the benefits of such a system.

You can choose from three colors - silver, silver, and silver. Those who are interested in the BlueDot Divita BDM-100S will have to part with $489 of their hard earned cash in exchange for a comprehensive disc storage system that saves a whole lot of space in your home. This will definitely come in handy for those who live in already crammed apartments and need every square inch possible.

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