Beethoven busted and tells time

beethoven-clockSure we've seen a bunch of clocks that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes before, but how many of them actually reflect the time off a pair of spectacles? Good old Beethoven who turned deaf and composed some of his best work after that has been immortalized in a white bust, but with a twist. This Beethoven bust sports a pair of Vuarnet style sunglasses that would have made him quite the ladies man if he were alive today. The pair of sunglasses are not just meant to make him fashionable and identify with the current generation, but they also help you tell the time with the hour display on his right lens while minutes are displayed on his left.

Only a hundred of these have been produced, so you can expect to fork out much more than the average bust. I have a feeling deep down inside that this will be the first of many historical figures sporting a pair of sunglasses, reminding us that even the greatest people who have walked the face of earth cannot stand up against the unstoppable tide of time.

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