Ministry of Sound MOSMC1319P micro system


Ministry of Sound is a household name for clubbers, and they know that anything with that label will probably equal to great sounding grooves as you usher in the weekend after five days of backbreaking work. It is also interesting to note that the superclub has also released quite a fair number of MP3 players in the past under the MoS label, but those weren't exactly stunning successes to begin with. This time, Ministry of Sound has a new boombox for techno lovers that comes with an iPod dock, allowing you to rock to your favorite tunes wherever you are. Dubbed the MOSMC1319P micro system, you get a pair of two-way speakers that pump out a grand total of 20 watts of amplification.

Additional features include the aforementioned built-in iPod dock, an integrated FM tuner, USB interface, VFD function display, an SD/MMC memory card slot, a preset equalizer, and a wireless remote. Supported formats include MP3, WMA, and WAV. The Ministry of Sound MOSMC1319P micro system will retail for £87.99.

Product Page via New Launches

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