Haute Couture Cyber Fashion Show

40  Fashion and Technology will continue to merge as we integrate it more and more in our daily lives. The Cyber Fashion Show  offers a glimpse of what the future may bring. Although these fashions are way ahead of its time, you can still peer into the future with today's cutting edge projects, products and prototypes. The Cyber Fashion Show was hosted by Psymbiote, the technology-clad cyborg who educates, elucidates and entertains as she parades models down the runway garbed in the latest functional tech gear and aesthetic wear.  Some of the futuristic wearables included head mounted thermal camera systems to help firefighters see through dark and smoky conditions, a retro trench coat that hides 10 cameras to capture 360-degree panoramic images, purses with sensors that communicate with scarves and skirts to remind wearers where they misplaced their car keys and other stylish gear. The event brought together 35 exhibitors from 10 countries to put on a tech haute couture not even Jean Paul Gaultier could outdo. [Via]

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