Carry your photos in your mouse

photo-mouseHitting the road for most people often equates to carrying around a laptop, and most of the time the touchpad just isn't that conducive to use when compared to a mouse. This slim wireless USB mouse fits the bill to be your perfect traveling companion - all you need to do is hook up the USB radio frequency adaptor to your laptop and you're good to go. Battery life of the mouse has not been rated, so we'll just have to keep a lookout on this aspect. A unique selling point of this mouse is the presence of a small protective area for you to insert your favorite film-based photo to give it a personalized look.

I suppose wives married to businessmen who have to travel oh-so-often can pick this up for their other half and discreetly slip in a shrunk down version of their wedding photo into the mouse itself as a gentle reminder to behave himself each time his eyes start to wander. It also acts as a deterrent from cheating even on the Internet, since one requires to use this mouse to navigate. Pricing details are unknown, but you will have to order these in bulk. It would have been really neat though if it came with a digital photo frame instead of using regular film-based photos.

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  1. Robert 24 March, 2007 at 01:00

    Looks nice! But I must say it feels a bit strange that they didn’t do the same thing but with the choice of a digital photo instead. Or maybe that already exists?

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