One Lump or Two?

Teacups Working the evening shift I occasionally get the urge to drink coffee, but usually only desire one cup.  Not being a full time coffee drinker I find it difficult to get the right measurements for making just one cup in those big coffee makers and frequently I end up with grinds in my cup and a lot of wasted coffee. The Java Wand from might be a solution to my problem.  With this portable glass straw you can brew and drink directly from your cup. Simply add hot water to your favorite coffee grinds and sweeten to taste before sipping your perfect beverage. To clean the wand you simply rinse under hot water or place in a dishwasher.  Filter does not need replacing.  You can order it directly online for 19.95 (plus 1.85 shipping) and this includes a carrying case.   Thanks to for this tip!

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