iPod Touch oozes with charm


Cupertino has unleashed a brand new iPod among the masses, while revamping the 5G iPod Video and 2G iPod nano, resulting in the iPod Classic and a video playback-capable nano. The new iPod is known as the iPod Touch, and it will come in 8GB and 16GB flavors, retailing for $299 and $399 respectively. Features include integrated WiFi connectivity, a 3.5" backlit color LCD display, a multi-tasking operating system, and a 32-bit processor running the show. It is basically an iPhone that does not feature any phone capability.

Would the iPod Touch be your purchase of choice if you already have a cellphone? I must say it looks extremely sexy, and with the ability to surf the Internet within a WiFi zone, this is thrilling news. I smell an opportunity to make tons of money here - I'm talking about iPod Touch, iPod Classic, and 3G iPod nano accessories here. No denying that you will see a slew of such accessories within the month at worst. Remember, you heard it here first at Techie Diva!

Source: InfoWorld


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