Belkin Brings iPod To Home System

Belkin has the new TuneStage II out and it is quite an improvement from the previous version. The TuneStage II
sells for $20 less than the previous version and has better technology
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The new colors of black and metallic gray are not all the extras, this
baby uses Bluetooth 2.0 plus EDR, the latest version of the Bluetooth
wireless technology that gives the user a higher quality, lower
power-consumption audio transmission when compared to earlier Bluetooth

The Belkin product can reach up to 30 foot
distances and offers up to seven hours of playtime when connected to an
iPod. It works with the iPod Nano, the iPod mini and the iPod 4GB and
5GB models.

Visit the Belkin site for more details.  It looks to be "coming soon" and the price is printed at around $150.

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