Matias Armor


Want to give your iPod nano all the love in the world?  Take a look at the new Matias Armor
for an excellent combination of protection and usability but keeping to
the personal desire for a sleek look. Light-weight and rugged aircraft
grade aluminum makes up the outer shell of the case and protects your
iPod nano from possible scratches or impacts while in use. You can
still gain access to all the features of your iPod while the case is
on, so don't worry about the little things.

322333739 24ff07463f mVibrant,
anodized aluminum colors like black, blue, pink, green, red and white,
will give you a choice and might just have you purchasing more than one

Use the colors to compliment your already colored iPod or to
snazz up your plain white or silver model. The Armor still allows full
access to the scroll wheel (as one would expect), the hold switch,
headphone and docking ports.

The designer realizes that a case is
rendered useless if you have to remove it to recharge or utilize the
functions, and we all appreciate that forethought.

Visit the Matias site and see what else you get with this Armor when you order.

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