Glowing pillow lights up your life


So you've recently moved into your new pad and have gotten all the furniture you wanted, but something seems to be missing from the sofa. You pause and think to yourself - pillows! After all, no sofa is complete without this essential and comforting accessory, but somehow or rather none of the pillows you see available on the market appeal to you. Not until your eyes come across this pillow made from luminous fabric. Yes, you can now light up your living room in an eerie glow with all the other lights turned off thanks to special fiber optics technology used in the thread of the garment in lieu of LEDs.

The company making these is LumiGram from Paris, and they have plenty of different items up for grabs that feature the same threads. Of course, if pillows aren't exactly your thing, you can always choose from a variety of items such as handbags, table clothes, and even a nifty little top to make a fashion statement at a nightclub! Pricing details are unavailable, but wholesale inquiries are welcome.

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