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In the past few months all the blogger users have noticed problems with Blogger. It has been real frustrating not being able to post entries or even log in! Well there was a reason for all the delays.  Google has been working on Blogger and finally developed a new user friendly interface for the Blogger accounts.  Google developed the new service on December 5, 2006. The new design allows users to change their blog template layout with easy functions and without having to use all the HTML code.  Another new function are the labels.  Labels (a.k.a categories) can be used in your sidebar of your blog.  These labels help you organize your blog in a more orderly fashion, so when people come across your blog they can see multiple categories of what you've posted. The categories are kind of like the tags used on and other website sources.  Also, whenever you log in, you have a new streamlined dashboard.

Remember the old spinning publishing icon you had to watch to make sure your blog published? You don't have to wait for that anymore!!  Any new changes to your blog post or template will be automatically published as soon as you push the post button.  No more wait!! The change is "live" and ready to go. Sweet!!

The next new update is that you won’t use your Blogger account to log in anymore. You will use your current Gmail account or sign up for a new one. So in order to log into blogger you will need a gmail account. Remember the Gmail account also includes Google Talk, and over 2GB of storage for your mailbox. By using the Gmail account you will have one location where you can monitor any comments or e-mails from fans of your website.

So next time when you log into your Blogger account you will see a the new promotion for Blogger beta at the top of your dashboard. Just click the migration button. After you filled out the appropriate text boxes of your Blogger account then migration will finish. Blogger will then send an email to your Gmail account to let you know when it fully completed the transition.

In the future blogger, Eric Case has mentioned, while talking to Ryan, that they may produce RSS enclosures. Again just to remind everyone that, RSS enclosures allow you to subscribe to any updates to a website. Ryan also asked Eric Case about direct uploading videos to blogger. Currently blogger users can upload photos directly to the blog post without using a 3rd party photo carrier.  Eric mentioned that direct uploading of videos to blogger in the future may happen because Google bought Youtube. Look for big changes for blogger in the future to make them one of the best blog websites, especially Youtube is part of Google now.

Always something new and exciting with Google.. So there will be more to come.

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