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Phones Are the New Laptops?

You still see the odd laptop around, especially if you go in to some place like a Starbucks or similar café type environment.

But by and large, the laptop has all but disappeared from public view. People are voting for the smart phone in droves, or if they need something more robust, they go for the tablet. The phablet is another option in between the two, which isn’t seen that much in the West, although it has a lot of popularity in Asia.

It’s no secret that phones and their related devices offer various advantages over the traditional laptop. They are much better when not plugged in, weigh less, take up less space etc. the list is very long of the benefits they provide. These tend to far outweigh the negatives, of which the main one being that phones are very hard to type on (and voice-recognition tech still perhaps needs a bit of work).

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Phones also have been known to sometimes have a slight storage problem, but there are many different solutions to this. The latest phones have ample memory and take high-capacity SD cards that make it much harder to run out. And usually you can move most of your data and apps to the card, which helps a lot. And perhaps most importantly, cloud technology is increasing by leaps and bounds, which allows for orders of magnitude more storage than your phone could ever offer. And these days most cloud storage is cheap or even free.

One interesting and not so great result of phones becoming so popular these days is that now they are being more and more made a target of malware and viruses and other cyber attacks. Even two years ago, someone using an Anti Virus for Android Phones would have been considered to maybe be a little bit over-cautious.

But the world has changed a lot in the past two years, and it’s a very different environment out there for smart phone users. These days, you need to get something like this Free Droid Antivirus App installed ASAP if you haven’t already done so. The risk is just too great.

People often worry about an antivirus app slowing your phone down and taking up memory. They take up minimal memory and CPU, and compared to having your phone taken over by some nasty virus they are definitely the much-preferred alternative.

Phones are a great tool for almost all of us. Keep using them properly, responsibly, and with the proper care.