The Optimal Keyboard Named Just Right

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Get a look at the Optimus keyboard and you wonder how convenient it really could be.  The keyboard has a nice slim build and a sleek interface.  The customization plays second-fiddle to the neat look of the keyboard as a whole.223460650 f18a109f6b m

This keyboard is to be released near the end of 2006 so the timeframe is certainly on its way.  Different languages, gaming with FPS type formats, specific programs and many other options offer you a fun way to design your keys like you design your wallpaper.  They claim it will cost less than a good cellphone, they will work on making it more ergonomic in the future designs, they will add animated keys if needed and to further customize the keyboard you can order this worldwide.

There is a specific page with answers on up on this Optimus and save up for a neat addition to your desk.  This is truly artwork.

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