LEGO brick now carries data


USB flash drives are more than just tiny devices people use to tote their data around these days - it has more or less become a fashion statement as well. That ought to explain the bunch of shiny, new USB flash drives which seem to pop up from nowhere, and some of them even come studded with more Swarovski crystals than you can shake a stick at. Heck, even others feature diamonds on them, sending the final price high above the maximum flight altitude of a supersonic jet. Check out this USB flash drive that has been given a personal touch, where the external parts have been replaced with a toy that many of us grew up with - LEGO.

Yes, what you see here is a bona fide USB flash drive that comes encased in a LEGO brick. I suppose purchasing plenty of these will allow you to stack one of them on top of the other, but the problem with some LEGO bricks are they can be quite a pain to remove. Thankfully, the memory stored in these are not as skimpy as other 'novelty' USB flash drives, bringing 2GB worth of storage space whenever you fork out $65 for one of these.

Product Page via Crunchgear

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