Diva Phone That Isn't Pink! It's True!

AL26 front closed

If Hello Kitty isn't your style and you just can't handle another pink gadget, but still want a cellphone with a little feminine flair, then BenQ-Siemens might have your number with the AL26 Butterfly due out sometime next month. The shimmering white (not pink) casing of this compact slider phone features a charming purple butterfly motif and charm. While the actual specs of the Butterfly AL26 are very close to that of the previously announced Hello Kitty AL26, BenQ-Siemens' press release calls the phone "the perfect
fashion accessory for young, style-conscious women," which is a little unfortunate for the not-as-young style-conscious woman (uh, such as myself) who, apparently, won't be attracted to this phone. Regardless, this stylish phone features easy to operate speech telephony functionality for messages and organizing appointments, as well as a hands-free system that allows you to "continue your call while putting on make-up" (I swear that's what it says on the website). [Source] [Product]

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