Sony Reflected On This

Sony has unveiled a new cellphone with a mirrored design.  The new Z610 is going to take the Diva world by storm.  There's even one in pink!  Yeah, I've been pink-crazy223467062 edd67c615b m lately but this pink is more a mauve if you don't go cotton candy pink with your accessories.

With black and teal available too, this phone will appeal to almost any cellphone user.  A 3G phone with style that keeps the gadget license by adding a neat feature.  When you have the phone in a standby mode, the mirrored front is just that, mirrored.  But, when you need some statistics like the time or other details, the phone will show those through the mirrored design front. 

It really looks amazing and this will turn heads.  I think it's going to be a fantastic idea and will be used in other gadgets as it is perfected.


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