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Why Penetration Testing Should Be an Essential Part of Your Security Strategy

Modern businesses face a whole range of challenges thanks to technology and the internet. While both obviously have major advantages for businesses, they sadly don’t come without potentially serious issues.

One of the biggest problems your company will face, is the risk of hackers getting into the system and stealing important data. If this happens, and it’s more likely than you might think, you could end up losing quite a substantial sum of money, and your reputation could take a massive hit. To stay safe you need to do a pentest.

Penetration testing is designed to help businesses like yours, avoid the fallout of a potential hack. Here you’ll discover why (if it isn’t already), it should be considered an essential part of your security strategy.

Helping you to detect every threat your system faces

Anti-virus, Anti-ransomware and Firewall tools are fantastic, but they don’t tend to address every potential security risk your system is up against. Penetration testing on the other hand, helps you to establish all of the risks your system could be exposed to, giving you a clear indication of where you need to make changes.

Did you know that no two hackers work in the same way? Some will attempt to get into your system via application attacks, while others will use phishing based emails to try and trick you into giving them access to your system. As hackers have become smarter, there’s what appears to be an endless number of ways they could hack into your system. Trying to establish all of the threats your network is facing alone can be extremely difficult, but penetration testing can identify them all in seconds.

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Giving you a good idea of whether your current security is efficient enough

As well as showing you potential threats, penetration testing also helps you to see whether your current security is up to scratch. Many small businesses assume they have a fairly strong security system in place, only for a penetration test to reveal that it’s actually not un-hackable.

Limiting potential damages, saving you a fortune

Businesses are constantly looking at ways they can save money. Penetration testing from Nettitude Ltd, is one tool that can help you save potentially thousands of pounds; eliminating damages which would be caused if the system was hacked into.

Loss of data or data theft which occurred after a hack, could cost you a significant sum of money in damages.

Overall, if you’re looking to not only identify potential risks, but eliminate them before any damage can be done, penetration testing is highly recommended. It’s become vital for businesses to take advantage of regular penetration tests in order to keep up with ever-advancing hackers.