Ultra Music Phone in Colors

Last week Samsung announced Beyonce as their spokesperson, and today Aving caught a glimpse of the Ultra Music phone in four new shades at CeBit 2007. Check out the white, blue, red, orange and black versions of the phone/music player with two faces: one with a keypad to manage the phone, and the other with a touch sensitive dial to navigate through the music player. Aving has more pictures of Samsung's aggressive campaign showing off  their fun Ultra Music Phone.

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  1. Gizmodo 19 March, 2007 at 04:21

    Samsung Ultra Music Phone: Colors Revealed, Probably Match BeyoncĂ©’s Underwear

    We all knew BeyoncĂ© was fronting Samsung’s Ultra Phone, and we all guessed that the dual-screen cell would probably come in red, white and black (we were so thankful they nixed it in pink), but did we have a…

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