Motorola Q

2591932700 d398c36185 With so many new mobile phones being released you probably reach a point where you have no idea what each model has to offer and what features you would utilize the most.  I can tell you that the MOTO Q music 9m is a great way to go if you're seeking a multimedia experience on the go.  Built for music, videos, photos, and social networking, I found this phone to be easy to use and smartly designed.

The MOTO Q music 9m by Motorola has much to offer in the way of "on the run" technology and if you're a mom with a busy schedule or a corporate type with a non-stop need for communication, you will find this phone to be feature rich for your needs.

It includes Windows Mobile 6, a QWERTY keyboard, a large bright 2.4" 320 x 240 TFT display with up to 65K colors, two home screens for multimedia and messaging (one for play and one for connecting with others), Wi-Fi connectivity and of course a camera.  It supports Email accounts including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! and AOL.

It was a nice size and had a matte finish with a hot red color for accent.  I enjoyed using the MOTO for a few weeks and would recommend you look it up!  It's definitely for music lovers, so keep that in mind when you're looking for a phone that can carry your tunes.

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