Original Super Mario Bros game now in 3D

160230266 69739dc5cfInteresting new twist to a classic NES game that I never thought I'd see.  Destructoid.com has a slew of screenshots followed by a deliciously free download of the newly created 3D Super Mario Bros, but unfortunately I can't find who actually made the game from the post or the Plunder.com download page.  Regardless of attribution, game play is essentially the same as classic Mario...jump around and kill stuff, and save Princess "Peach". 

Players are granted with infinite lives that count up for reference
instead of down, which should give you plenty of time to get used to
the new interface.  Control Mario with the up, down, left, and right
keys, and control the camera with the W, A, S, and D keys.  R will make
the camera zoom in, and F will make it zoom out.   No surprises in the
functions of enemies, mushrooms, flags, coins, etc.  I did experience
some weirdness with the timer...it kept resetting itself back to 100
seconds, which was closely followed by the 99-second music change
signifying that you'd better hurry up.  After getting to about 90
seconds, it would start over again. 

Hopefully this version is a beta and we can expect to see a second
release sometime soon, but Super Mario Bros 2.5D makes an excellent
Sunday afternoon time waster.

[Link - via TecheBlog]


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