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The Best Car Racing Xbox Games

Xbox  and top online casino games are your best shot at living the ultimate fantasy at a cheap price. From slot machines to poker, you can play them all on Xbox. If you love sports or racing games such as NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula One, Touring cars, drag races, rally car games, virtual driving sims, then this is the right article for you. Here are some fun car racing themed Xbox games for you!


If you’re looking for a good arcade-style racing game where you have to take out opponents like crazy with various weapons and vehicles while trying to win money in prize events, look no further than Wreckfest from developer Bugbear Entertainment. This unique Xbox exclusive has been downloaded over 6 million times since it first launched in 2012.

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Forza Horizon

This open-world free-roaming racer offers an action-packed race experience in various locations including the beach and desert. You get to drive more than 50 real-life licensed roadsters including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Bentleys, Range Rovers, and Porsches. There are several game modes which include time trial and endurance races, speed trap challenges, drift events, circuit mode, and the much-anticipated Battle of Britain event on September 2nd 2017.


NASCAR Heat combines authentic driver's license tests with intense gameplay. In addition to racing drivers, there are also professional gamers who compete against each other in a series of multiplayer tournaments that test their skills. If you want to become a NASCAR star, you need to upgrade yourself by completing different tasks.

RaceRoom Rivals

This is another great racing simulator  online pokies newzealand game where players compete in a variety of races using realistic cars. RaceRoom Rivals allows you to create your own avatar and select any vehicle that you like. However, if you prefer playing against others, you can choose between different leagues and tournaments. Play against your friends and see how far you can go on the leaderboards.