Flirty Bunnies

InteractionThere's no real point to this, really. Other than the fact these hats are cute as hell, the FlirtBunny hats send audible love signals to a distant playful bunny hat wearer everytime you touch the bunny ears. You can do this all night long.

"The FlirtBunnies are a loving couple. They never get tired of sending flirty signals of love to each other, even when they are apart. Some say that they are annoying and need to keep their expressions of undying love and affection to themselves, but the FlirtBunnies cannot help it. Whenever both ears of a FlirtBunny are pressed, wireless signals of affection are transmitted to the other. The other FlirtBunny then recognizes the flirtatious signal of affection with sounds of intrigue and excitement."

Each FlirtBunny hat contains a wireless transmitter, a wireless receiver, an antenna, 2 switches (one in each bunny ear), an ISD voice chip (holds recorded bunny flirting sounds), a speaker, an Amp chip (amplifies sound from ISD chip to speaker.)Bunny_1


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