Xacti's new line of HD cameras

I've been dying to buy one of those tiny Xacti HD camera, but I always found them to be too expensive. At CES, I noticed a lot of bloggers using them them, and I'm telling you, they sure looked way more convenient for the occasion. Well today, Sanyo announced their new line of Dual Camera Xacti All-HD line up for 2009, and they're definitely more affordable and colorful. Six cameras in horizontal and vertical body styles have been announced, including waterproof, compact, and full HD models. Below is a quick summary.xacti21

Full HD models: VPC-FH1 (Horizontal; $500 MSRP) and VPC-HD2000 (Vertical; $600)

The Full HD Dual Camera Xacti offers 1920 x 1080 pixels, and 60 frames per second recording for crystal clear, smooth motion videos. It takes 8-megapixel digital photos, has 10x optical zoom for photos, 16x advanced zoom for video, image stabilizer, HDMI output, external microphone input (HD2000), and FH1 has a 3-inch LCD monitor, while the HD2000 has a 2.7-inch LCD monitor.
Compact HD models VPC-TH1 (Horizontal; $300 MSRP) and VPC-CG10 (Vertical; $200 MSRP)

These models offer 720p (1280 x 720) HD capability and record at 30 frames per second. The VPC-TH1 also offers an impressive 30x optical zoom and an incredible 3-hr 20-min long continuous recording time-all in HD! It also takes photos, has an image stabilizer, face chaser that can detect 12 faces in a photo, HDMI output, and have a 3-inch widescreen LCD. They're available in black, silver, blue, and pink.


Waterproof Compact HD models VPC-WH1(Horizontal $400) and VPC-CA9 (Vertical $350)

This may be great for you beach types since they're waterproof and can operate in underwater (up to 10 feet).The Horizontal version can be submerged up to 10 feet under water, has a 2.5-inch LCD display, HDMI output, and can take 2-megapixel photos. It also has "Face Chaser" technology, and 30x optical zoom. The vertical version will film under 5 feet of water for one hour, take 9-megapixel photos, 720p HD video, has 5x optical zoom, a 2.5 inch LCD monitor, and is available in black, red, and green.

All will be available in March 2009.

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