MPION MP3 Zaps Pimples and Entertains


More often than not, mail order products often border on the unbelievable when it comes to authenticity, making you wonder whether it works as advertised. The Japanese seem to have no qualms about it, as evident by the MPION MP3 player. This unique portable audio device might not come with the big brand name backing of Toshiba or Sony, but what it offers is something special that no other MP3 player in the market can bring you at this moment - it has the ability to give you a facial while you're listening to your favorite tunes.

Sounds totally crazy, right? Apparently, this 128MB flash based MP3 player comes with a negative ion generator located behind to help clean your skin pores when applied to the face. Apparently, the manufacturer claims that this works far better when compared to the traditional soap and water method. I seriously wonder how effective these claims are. If you're in Japan and want to try it out, be prepared to part with approximately $170 for it.

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