Tell Me the Time Shirt

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Do you hate wearing a watch, but still need to know what time it is?  The answer is right under your nose, or at least it would be if you were wearing this shirt. brings us the Digital Clock T-Shirt.  Not only is it a clock, you can have it display eight different flashing patterns and it can even run as a stopwatch.  This is great for parties or when you just want to be the center of attention.  This shirt runs on four AA batteries and can run from 12-36 hours depending on the mode that you are running.  The Digital Clock T-Shirt must be hand washed and care must be taken not to bend the panel.  All that work for a novelty T-shirt, but it is worth all the looks and stares you will get.

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  1. A.H 3 May, 2006 at 15:27

    Speaking about LED, i’ve recently found a nice product which can show messages on backpacks, very handy for girls who might want to hit on a guy in the geeky-way:

    (Tried to find another way to contact you, but couldn’t find it)


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