How Technology Is Changing The DVD Rental Industry

The DVD Rental Industry itself is based on technology, but the rapid evolution of technology has also had substantial impacts and changes on the Online DVD Rental industry as a whole. There are different ways that technology has impacted the way people think and go through the process of renting DVDs.

Increases In Efficiency

In the past, the DVD was a compact solution to the videotape, otherwise known as the VHS. Thinner, and also able to display a higher quality picture, the DVD was seen as the efficient solution to the videotape industry which required a lot more material to produce and sustain. As time has gone on, however, technology has went to further enhance the efficiency of the process of renting a DVD substantially as well. One of these ways is with the advent of Blu Ray technology that has made the process of renting a DVD even more convenient by providing them in even smaller and more compact disks. Technology has went further to enhance direct DVD rental services from the TV service provider which allows people to rent DVD titles from websites to be delivered directly to them as opposed to having to go to and from a place to rent and return DVDs regularly. This saves people from having to go to the store, physically rent a copy of a movie, and have to return it at a specific time. It takes away the possibility of late returns and forgetting as well as the effort needed to travel to and from the location to rent DVDs. Furthermore, this also increases the variety of titles that are accessible to people which is also another added benefit that comes from technology when it comes to the context of renting DVDs. Today, the process of renting a DVD is more efficient than ever and this is mostly thanks to technology.

Increases In Quality

Not only has technology increased the efficiency at which the process of renting DVDs takes place, but the process has also allowed DVD rental providers to produce higher quality DVDs while still being able to maintain feasibility and viability in terms of their budgets. In the past, only the most exclusive producers would be able to produce and provide high quality content and have it available in a format that was considered high quality. Today, DVD technology in many different forms, including playback and recording technology as well as sound capture and playing technology all has enhanced the DVD experience over time to where there is a certain standard and quality that is expected of all content in order for it to be considered professional. Technology is increasing the standards to which DVD producers and providers have to match in order to succeed in the field.

Increases In Satisfaction

The process of renting DVDs and watching movies has always been a favorite and a pastime for many and the benefits that technology has been able to provide to the DVD industry has also allowed people to enjoy the process of renting and experiencing a DVD more satisfying for the users. This comes in many different forms. Higher quality pictures make the watching experience more enjoyable from the perspective of viewing. Higher quality sound retention and playing is going to also enhance the satisfaction of the experience for people as well. The difference that the satisfaction of a viewing experience can result in people choosing to rent more and more DVDs if the process is performed correctly. The difference between an experience that is somewhat satisfying and extremely satisfying can make the difference between a person renting a DVD once or more than once and even possibly buying the DVD all together. Satisfaction is one of the main reasons why DVDs are produced in the first place. The advent of DVD technology came as a way to improve the process of renting and returning DVDs which can make it so people can focus more on enjoying the DVDs more than anything else.

Ease In Renting DVDs

Technology has also greatly increased the ease that goes along with the process of renting DVDs. The process can be done instantaneously without much effort and obstacles in between the process of viewing what is available for rental, committing to the process of renting, viewing the rental and even returning it when complete, which is now done remotely thanks to technology and developed systems that help automate the process much more smoothly. All of these are different ways that technology has made the process of renting DVDs much easier and this has had a major impact on the process of renting DVDs as a whole.


Technology has a major role in the DVD rental industry because the DVD itself is a way that technology has responded to the movie rental industry by being a more efficient and compact method of storing and distributing movies for rental. Technology has evolved substantially to allow for more connectivity and automation which increases the efficiency and quality of the experience which ultimately results in greater satisfaction and ease for consumers in this industry. Overall, technology has impacted the DVD industry significantly and is likely to continue doing so in the future.

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