Scion Concept Car Includes Media Station and WiFi, Looks Like Crap

131859346 fc1922d408In true
Scion style, their new FUSE concept car is a “styling exercise” with all the
design finesse of MySpace crammed into a boxy sporty
coupe that mixes digital technology, entertainment, and versatility. Flashy customization options include turn
signal LEDs on the wheels, color changing headlights, lighted piping trim on
the seats, and even a small screen behind the front badge that can display
downloaded content. Fortunately, this
monstrosity also includes two integrated 10.5” LCD screens that span the length
of the entire dashboard. They can be
used to play movies or games, or functions as a heads up informational display when
you’re actually, you know, driving. Also
includes some sort of WiFi that passengers can use for “sending instant
messages”, but I haven’t been able to find any details of how Scion implemented
it. Notable non-geek features include a
removable drink cooler, fold-out speakers, and a tailgate that folds out into a
bench…all perfect for being out and about with friends. Ricey, but still makes my geek bits tingle
with delight.

[Link via RedFerret]


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