iPulse Bear Speaker

Si222_pipHas there been a day when blogs have ignored the iPod? I really doubt it, but I think we should think about declaring an "iPod Post Free" day. What I hate the most about most iPod stories, is the darn cute accessories they release, which makes it hard for us to "shut up already" about the iPod. I was looking through the Sharper Image catalog, and found this cute light show/speaker system bear for...you guess it, your damn iPod. I guess, it's a great accessory for the kids, or those of you who deep inside, are still Toys R Us kids. But who can resist the charm of a teddy bear, that lights up when it plays your iPod tunes. Nobody. The bear is available in brown or white. 

"Not every iPod® speaker system is irresistible — but this one is! For playing iPod tunes — or listening to stories from audio books — who can resist the adorable iPulse® Bear? This cute little teddy hugs your music player in a pouch in his belly; a hidden cable connects to the headphone jack of any iPod or any other audio device with a headphone jack.

Squeeze his paw to turn him on and hear your tunes through his built-in speaker - and enjoy the iPulse lightshow on all four paws! The green, blue and red ColorSync™ LED light show pulses to the music's rhythm, frequency and volume; his eyes glow blue or green too. Features include jacks for your own headphones or optional AC adapter (SM906, $9.95).

Keep iPulse Bear with you all the time — he's portable and runs on 4 C batteries (order separately). One-year warranty. We offer him two ways: Choose White Bear (with high-tech mesh fabric and blue eyes); or Brown Bear (with soft fuzzy fur and green eyes). Created by Sharper Image Design."

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