Optimized Web Content For Mobiles

Mobiles have limited screen sizes and can also limit the viewable sites that you can browse while out and about.  Greenlight Wireless Corporation has announced that its Skweezer technology, which allows you to view Web content on your mobile device is now being integrated into Bloglines.  Currently, Bloglines is the number one online RSS aggregator.

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Bloglines Mobile currently are able to view "skweezed" versions of the websites they access via RSS subscriptions.  Speedier downloads and updated content benefits mobile users that utilize this service.  With blogs being as big as they are, nobody wants to miss the latest post.  Mobile access is in more demand and this allows different mobile devices to view the pages in a readable and usable manner.

"The Skweezer technology provides a significantly improved experience
for Bloglines Mobile users by speeding download time and optimizing
content for small mobile displays," said Robyn DeuPree, Sr. Product
Manager for Bloglines, a division of Ask.com. "Our Bloglines Mobile
users love the current product, and the Skweezer technology makes the
experience even better."

Take advantage of the newest technology coupled with the most popular site and get connected.

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