iPod Handbag

Ipodbag For all you Fashionistas out there who want to look chic, and have music playing while you walk down the street, the new "iPod Handbag"  and "iPod Clutch bag" may be what you have been waiting for. These hip bags feature, synthetic leather, internal amplifier and 2 integrated speakers for your listening pleasure.  Available May 9 from BrightonNet Corporation.[Via] by Marsha Altmark

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  1. jen 13 October, 2006 at 20:06

    Here’s a new one, for those diva’s that want the look without advertising the goods, try an ihold-it bag at http://www.ihold-it.com. It’s the new look in techie fashion. Carry your iPod confidentially while looking like a fashionista.

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