Robots have relationships, too

hako-robo-familySega Toys of Japan have come up with a pretty interesting toy which consists of a family of robots. Known as the Hako Robo (Robots in a Cube), these robots make the perfect desktop accessories, featuring a facial feature and different colors that distinguishes one from another. The Hako Robo offers an alternative dimension in toys as they are able to simulate real-life relationships by moving in relation to one another. I'm not sure what technology makes this possible, but the idea of one cube following another is rather cute and worth exploring.

Just like real families, the Hako Robo robots will start running towards each other when they're taken out from their respective boxes. Should they spend too much time with one another, they will start to get stressed out and exhausted, prompting you to return them to their own personal space (box) before they pass out. There are different relationship dynamics to explore with each purchase.

Product Page via Tokyo Mango

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