Best Valentine's Day Geek Shirt Eva!


Not sure what to buy your Valentine? How about a something that literally shows him/her how they light up your life--or shirt--when they're in the room. Think Geek got all, mushy on us with a pair of LED shirts that have a heart meter. Gamers know the lifeline meter all too well, and the 8-bit shirt is something like that. You basically buy one for yourself, and one for your lover. When he/she is near, the shirt lights up. When he/she ditches you to go play games, your little heart meter is reduced to only two and a half pixelated hearts. I guess this is supposed to remind him/her that being far from his/her loving embrace breaks your heart, or that you're both dorks who desperately need cool friends. Whatevs, we won't judge you, but if you want to show your true geek colors go order yours now before the rest of the geekdom discovers them.

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