Tips For How To Become A Gamer Girl In 8 Easy Steps

If you're a video game lover, you may have grown up hearing that" those games will rot your brain" or "go outside and get some fresh air." But little did you know that you were learning how to become a gamer girl and streamer as your future career. The video game, esports, and streaming industry have grown exponentially, so here is how to be a gamer girl in 8 easy steps.

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Getting to this point in your gaming career will take years of growing an online following and lots of gaming practice. And for women, it's even harder to break into the boys club that is gaming. However, with each passing year, gamer girls become more mainstream. If you're looking for success in the gaming industry as a real gamer girl or as an e girl, follow this advice for how to become a gamer with extra tips to stand out as a female streamer.

Find Your Trendy Game

There are hundreds of popular and trendy games to choose from, and if you plan on going pro, you'll want to focus on just one video game. Choose your platform. Is it Xbox, PC, mobile, Oculus, or another platform you specialize in? You can either work to break into an already popular game with a steady structure and a following or get in on the ground floor with a new up-and-coming game. Whatever you choose, be sure you learn all the ins and outs of the game before you start streaming live on Twitch or Youtube.

Get the Right Tools

You need the best tools to succeed with any job if you want to know how to become a gamer. Because the world as a girl gamer is entirely online, you may want to look into investing in a dedicated game server while also avoiding bad web host and server providers. The best-dedicated game server hosting units give you lag-free game time and raw power for the best gaming performance. After all, if you're going to make a career out of your gaming passion, you need the best dedicated video game server and other gadgets every woman needs to do the job right.

Join a Community

Like when you were a kid playing games in your friend's basement, professional gaming is all about community. That's why some gamers host their gaming parties and events. You can't break in alone. It would help if you had tips and support from other players. Finding that niche group in esports or another league will keep you invested in your long-term gaming career.

Pick Your Team

Once you've found a community, you may want to go further and put together a team. Find other skilled gamers to play together and compete in big-time esports tournaments. As a girl gamer, you can either join an all-female gaming team or find a co-ed group. While the female teams are growing in popularity, all-women tournaments often have a smaller payout than co-ed. Are you willing to earn less to help grow the professional women's gaming community?

Practice Makes Perfect

Going pro as a gamer girl doesn't mean you get to stop practicing. It would help if you were practicing even more. This hones your skills and prepares you for the big leagues. Even when you lose, you're still learning and growing without the pressure of a tournament or people watching.

Embrace How To Look Like A Gamer Girl

As a female gamer, you'll have elements of your gaming life to consider that your male counterparts do not. Because you're joining a male-dominated field, you need to embrace your persona, whatever that may be. Perhaps you adopt the "just one of the boys" approach, or maybe you want to do yourself up and be a sexy gamer. For instance, Bell Delphine has earned boatloads of cash sharing her nudes on Pornhub and her gamer girl bathwater.

Cosplay Gamer Girl

You don't need to go to extremes like sharing nudes or entertaining the idea of selling a "casual encounter," but throwing on a nice top and some faux lashes can earn you more followers if you want to go that route. There are plenty of methods for monetizing your gamer girl persona, like selling your gaming wallpaper or video game clothing merchandise. Adopt If people are coming to look at you streaming and watch you kick ass in your game, dressing yourself up with a killer face of makeup can give you more confidence.

Learn to Ignore Comments

As a woman, you're probably used to unfair treatment online, which may not stop with your gaming career. There is a harsh reality for female gamers that internet trolls may throw insults and threats about your skills and your motivation for being there. Don't let these people tear you down and tell you which games are for girls or nYou'reu're as capable as anyone, and being" a "gamer "IRL" should not be seen as an insult but worn like a badge of honor.

Protect Your Identity

Last tip: maintain some level of privacy as the girl who games. Make sure your gamer girl setup is secure. Don't reveal your full name or where you live. The internet is a great platform but terrifying in the hands of creepy people. Protect yourself as much as possible within your public persona.