Tips on Hosting Your First Gamer Party

Video games have been around for decades now, but newer consoles, games, technology, and features have made them a favorite pastime for adults and children everywhere. Playing games by yourself can be fun, adventurous, and exhilarating, but it’s always a lot more enjoyable when you’re playing with friends. Sure, there’s online gaming where you can chat and play with anyone virtually, but being in the presence of others is always a plus.

If you want to get the gang together for some friendly competition, what better way to do that than to have a killer gamer party?  From fun childhood games like Super Mario Brothers to action-packed, first-person-shooter games like Call of Duty, the skies are the limit! Here are some tips on how to throw an epic gamer party your guests won’t soon forget.

Decide on a Theme

There’s something about themes that make a party even more fun to attend. So, if you’re into that sort of thing, come up with a theme for your party. You could go with a retro game vibe or choose to go with your favorite video games for the theme. This is what you’ll center everything from the games you play to the decor, food, and drinks. Who knows, maybe you could even hook your guests up with cool memorabilia. You could search the wholesale clothing categories from shirtspace to find blank t-shirts to customize. Have them imprinted with your favorite video game characters and pass them out to attendees.

Send Out the Invites

Now that you have your theme you’re ready to set the date and send out invites to your guests. You don’t have to go all out to do this either. Simply create an event on a social media platform like Facebook providing all the details and send the invitation out to those you wish to come over for some fun. Be sure to include details like whether or not they need to bring their own controllers, headsets, or other equipment to the party.

Decide on a Menu

When it comes to choosing food for your gaming event, be sure to opt for things that can easily be consumed. Remember, you guys are going to be gaming for hours which is a lot easier to do with finger foods and quick snacks. You also don’t want to serve things that could jack up your controllers so steer clear of things that are saucy or sticky. If you’re going to serve such things, it’s probably best to pencil in a few snack breaks so they can eat away from the controllers.

Make Sure You Have Comfortable Seating

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a fun-filled night playing video games with your friends and having it interrupted by an uncomfortable chair. A hard, uncomfortable, or partially damaged chair can really mess up your mojo. So, do yourself, and your guests a favor and make sure that you have several comfortable areas for them to sit. If you don’t have enough chairs, you may want to rent some, borrow from family and neighbors, or ask your guests to bring along their favorite gaming chair.

Gamer parties are a great way to spend time with fellow gamers. You can play your favorite games, learn new tricks, and indulge in some fun competition. All it takes is some great game options, a few invites, delicious snacks, and a comfortable environment for playing. Hopefully, these tips give you some insight on how to throw a party your friends will enjoy.