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5 Signs Your Firm May Need a New SEO Partner

Are you not well-versed in SEO, so you're uncertain of what to expect from an SEO partner? Do you feel unhappy with the SEO services being provided to your law firm, but unsure if you should find a new partner? This can be a complicated business decision, but we're here to help. Here are five signs that you should start looking for a new SEO service provider.

1. You do not see an increase in organic traffic to your website.

If you are working with an SEO service provider, you should see a noticeable increase in your website's organic traffic. You will rank higher in the search engines and get more unique visitors to your site. The higher your search ranking, the more visitors you will get. The more visitors you get, the higher your search ranking grows. It is a circular process that needs to be propelled through SEO best practices.

2. The traffic you are getting is not staying on your website for any length of time.

If you are getting a high number of visitors, but they are not staying on your website for any length of time, they are likely bots. This is a trick used in internet marketing to make it look like a website gets a high amount of traffic to increase its search engine ranking. You can buy traffic through sites like Fiver that will guarantee a specific number of unique visitors to your website. Bots create very short visits that will offer inflated numbers for individual visitors.


3. You have a low conversion rate.

In retail sales, the conversion rate is the number of people that visit your website and then make a purchase. As a law firm, you cannot measure success by sales. However, you can gauge conversions by your call-to-action. The call-to-action will ask visitors to provide an email to sign up for a newsletter or information. Your conversion rate would be the percentage of visitors that register their email address. If you see a growth in traffic, but not in conversions, either the traffic you are getting is not high-quality or your call-to-action is weak. High-quality traffic is traffic that is directed to your website because they may be interested in the services you offer to the information you provide. If the wrong people are directed to your website, that means the keyword research and SEO efforts are faulty. For example, if you offer legal divorce services, but people looking to get a will written are directed to your website, your SEO services are not focused on your target audience.

4. Your website is not updated frequently.

Part of a solid SEO strategy is having your website updated frequently so that search engines know you are running an active site. If it is not updated regularly, your SEO partner is not doing the best job on your behalf. You should have a regular schedule of updates and an editorial calendar utilized to ensure timely and high-quality content is uploaded.


5. The SEO partner is not following through on the agreed-upon work.

When you hired or contracted your current SEO partner, you went over expectations with them, and you paid them or are paying them for specific services. If they are not following through on what they agreed to do, or you need to keep reminding them of what they agreed to do, it is time to look for a new provider.

If you do decide you need a new SEO partner, consider a company like Best Law Firm SEO. You can find information about them at bestlawfirmseo.co, and they specialize in working with law firms to grow their domains. They have experience with law firms and understand the unique needs and interests of firms looking to expand their online presence.