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Here's Why League of Legends is Just as Fun to Watch as it is to Play

League of Legends is one of the most played online games around. As of 2022, LoL brings in more than 50 million players daily. This number is just a fraction of the 150 million or so registered users. However, League of Legends is fast becoming something of a spectator sport. It remains a favorite with viewers on Twitch, while the 2020 World Championships enjoyed peak online audience figures of 46 millon.

What Makes League of Legends So Popular with Viewers?

Audience appetite for esports has increased considerably in recent years. In addition to League of Legends, international audiences have been flocking to live streams of titles like Dota 2 and Call of Duty in droves. In many territories, the overall viewership of esports events is comparable with traditional sporting fixtures. However, while viewing figures for conventional sports are in decline, the numbers tuning in for LoL events and esports tournaments continue to swell.

One of the biggest strengths of League of Legends is its variety. Even compared to other multiplayer online battle arena games, it's pretty diverse. With 10 individual maps and more than 150 different champions, no two games are ever alike. Only Dota 2 comes anywhere close to matching this level of variety.

Patch Updates Level the Playing Field

Constant patch updates might cause sleepless nights for professional LoL players, but for everyday viewers, they're an exciting addition that levels the playing field. Constant updates force competing teams to regularly rethink their playing strategy. These patch updates arrive frequently, sometimes as often as several times a month. This makes tournaments particularly interesting, rendering the concept of on odds-on favorite obsolete.

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A Healthy Betting Market

The global esports betting market was valued at 66 billion dollars in 2021. A considerable amount of money is wagered on League of Legends events. Nowadays, most online betting platforms offer extensive odds on esports fixtures. If you already find viewing League of Legends a thrill, you can up the ante by making a small wager on the outcome. Need some help making a sensible stake? Make sure you're delving into the previous performance of competing teams and checking the latest League of Legends scores to help guide your bet.

The Universe is Expanding

In 2021, Netflix added Arcane: League of Legends to its ever-expanding content library. This animated series is set within the League of Legends universe and was released to critical acclaim. In fact, it was so successful that Netflix and Riot Games quickly announced a second season was in production.

Shared universes have become a staple of film and television in recent years, but the successful release of Arcane has set something of a new precedent. Previous attempts to translate video games to the screen have proved underwhelming at best, but this dynamic new addition to the League of Legends universe has only stirred appetites with the general viewing public. As more people discover Arcane on Netflix, expect legions of new viewers to flock to streaming platforms like Twitch to discover the thrill of the game itself.