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A Bullfight In Which Nobody Gets Hurt

In what kind of a bullfight do neither the torero nor the bull suffer any risk of injury? The one called El Torero, which is a new and clever online slot offering from our Euro friends over at Stargames. No matter how long you play this game, no bodily harm will come to either of our two protagonists, we promise you. As a matter of fact, the more they appear in the game, the better for all concerned!

In El Torero, there are a lot of symbols that can pay out handsomely, but the ones you really want to watch out for are the Torero and the Bull. These are the two most important symbols in this game, that fulfill the two big functions in this type of online slot.

The Torero in this game is the wild symbol, and can fill in for any other symbol except for the Bull itself. The Bull in this game is the scatter symbol, and is generally going to be your initial goal when playing. You want to get him to appear three times anywhere on the real, and this triggers ten free games.

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During those free games, you want to focus on the Torero more than ever as he remains active and will increase your chances of pulling in those big winnings. This is actually the best winning strategy in this game, to tame the Bull and then use the Torero and let him perform for you to rack up those big winnings with this shape-shifting capability.

This is a five-reel slot and can have up to ten win lines depending on circumstances. Wins are getting five matching symbols from among the winning symbols on any of the win lines. The five reel slots are more complex but they also allow for more winning possibilities, which is exactly what makes them favorite around here. Some people get nostalgic about the older-style 3 reel slots, but we think that five reel slots are much more exciting to play, and it’s better to have more opportunities to win at the end of the day.

So if you’re ready for a highly complex and evolved online casino game that offers the potential for tons of hours of online fun, not to mention big possibilities for some pretty impressive winnings, you will want to check out El Torero for sure!