CTRL +Z by Oil of Olay

From an ad campaign out of Dubai comes Oil of Olay's new Wrinkle free cream....for geeks.  Keep those hands smooth and wrinkle free with these nifty bottles of moisturizer.  Olay_ctrlz


  1. Twyla McClung 10 September, 2007 at 12:15

    When will this CtrlZ hit the retail stores or can a person buy Ctrl and Z seperately. I am very interested in this and would like more information on these products. I am using Oil of Olay now and really like it.
    Thank you.

  2. Gizmodiva.com 9 April, 2007 at 21:42

    CTRL +Z by Oil of Olay can undo Wrinkles

    You have been spending all of your day staring at the monitor and fiddling with keyboard. Ever wished of a product that could erase your wrinkles just as the Ctrl + z keys can undo things in programs! Oil of Olay seems to have answered your prayers. I …

  3. Shiny Shiny 8 April, 2007 at 22:28

    Ctrl +Z by Oil of Olay

    This new ad from Oil of Olay suggests that getting rid of wrinkles is as easy as pressing Undo. While I can see geekettes being pretty keen on the packaging (I’d like one of those on my desk myself) I’m not sure it’ll create repeat business, unless pe…

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