Vaja Creative Zen Cases

Zencreativecase Finally we see a company that has a host of unique cases for your cell phone, digital camera, mp3 players, notebooks, PDA and Smartphone.  Argentinian based Vaja Cases has by far some of the most urbanite, cool colored, custom designs for you city slickers.  What's more they are custom made with quality leather. You can basically choose your own color combination. The hard to come by Zen Creative ($60) cases, are a beautiful sight to see. Some of you guys have asked us about Creative cases, and well they are not easy to find. Vaja's designs are sleek, chic and very hip! If you are looking for quality and style take a look at Vaja Cases.


  1. baby girl 12 May, 2005 at 11:29

    I finally received my notification email when the Zen cases were finally created several months ago. I purchased a snazzy cases for my Zen and one for my sony camera. They are well worth the money.

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