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Has technology caused us to Drift Apart?

Technology now governs the way that we do things. All that we do, we now do with the use of technology. Life has been made easier and faster. Bank transactions are completed within just a few minutes, and well, everything is now a breeze, and you can always place your bets on mobile betting app without going to a land-based casino. However, everything has a downside to it, and technology is no exception. Despite all these advancements that we now have, people, ask, has technology caused us to drift apart?

The Downside to Technology

Technology has so many good things to it. And part of those many good things is the communication part. Through the many social media application, we are able to communicate with people who are thousands of miles apart. That is rather great, don't you think so? However, what many have a query with is that causes us to drift apart from those who are close to us. Due to the fact that we now have our heads buried in our phones, we are unable to talk to those who are close by.

What can we do about this drift?

The drift that is being caused by technology has been an cause for concern among many. That is why they have come to various solutions to try to resolve the issue. One of those being that there should be a set time to use social media. Just like how online gamblers have a specific time when they play best online pokies australia games. It was suggested that families should have set rules on family time.

Such that during family, everyone should unplug and talk to the family. This may be hard when you start it, but in the end, you will see that is very helpful.

Another suggested solution was that when in the presence of someone else hands off your phone. Have a proper conversation with the one that you are with and leave your phone alone. This can be one lunch dates or when spending time with your friends.