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Facebook on your desktop with Facebook(er)


I'm an avid Facebook user, and most of the time I update it from either my iPhone or through the browser, but the folks over at Widget Realm developed a sweet widget so you can keep an eye on Facebook from your desktop. Facebook (er) allows you to see all your friend's status updates, change your status, and see if you've received any new messages, pokes, friend requests, group requests, and more.  The application is free to download through Facebook or  Yahoo! Widgets, but you'll need to download the Yahoo! Widgets application to your computer first to get it working. As you can see from the image above, the interface is very clean, easy to use, and I love how easy it is to scroll through your friend's status updates. When you mouse over your buddy's profile picture, small icons appear over the image giving you quick access to their pictures, comments, pokes, and messages. Your current status update constantly scrolls above the status update,  and you can change the widget's refresh rate, so you'll always have the latest updates appear on your desktop.  It's a wonderful widget to have so download it, and come back to tell us what you think. I'm still testing it out, but so far I'm really digging it.

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  1. Adrian in Phoenix 15 June, 2009 at 22:08

    I tried Facebooker a couple of weeks ago and it is nice. For myself I prefer something that combines lots of different content including F/B (an aggregator).

    I currently use Digsby because it includes IM along with F/B e-mail and other social networking sites. I’ve also tried TweetDeck and it does a good job of presenting Tweets & FaceBook updates, and I like the Adobe Air interface (after some initial reservations), but I’m back to Digsby because of the IM component. I would love to find something that presents IMs, Tweets, and several social networking sites with low overhead and a clean look.

    FaceBooker did get me to try Yahoo Gadgets for the first time and I now keep a couple of them on my desktop.


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