Cellfire Brings Coupons to Mobiles

 Ditch the coupon clipping, and check out Cell Fire.com. This is the first mobile coupon service that provides you with virtual dicount coupons to places like T.G.I.Friday's, Hollywood Video, and other major brands. It's a new service so the availibility of major brands is somewhat limited, but if you can save yourself a few bucks on rentals, flowers or restaurants then why not do it. Basically you sign up for the service, and anytime you're ready to redeem your coupons, you simply launch Cellfire on your phone, select the coupon you want to redeem, and show it to the cashier who will then take the code to approve the discount. You can sign up for the service online or text 22888. The service is available to Cingular and Verizon subscribers.

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