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How to Complete a Digital Spring Clean

For many people, spring means spring cleaning. While nobody likes sorting through old clothes, digging under the bed, or scrubbing inside of cupboards, it can help to signify an end to winter and the beginning of a fresh new season. But it’s also important to direct this cleaning towards your digital life. But what is a digital spring clean and how do you do it?  

Digital Detox

Our lives are very much online. While this may save clutter around the house, it could add to a feeling of clutter in the mind. So, firstly consider which accounts you have. Think about any you don’t need and make sure you have up to date records of passwords. This could be a good time to re-evaluate any digital subscriptions you have and any that you might want to cancel. Some people choose this time to update their software and even their hardware.

Declutter your saved files on your laptop and your home screen on your phone. Consider going into your saved images and videos and getting rid of any you don’t need or want anymore. Some may choose to add a digital splash of paint by changing the wallpaper on their devices. This is also a good time to back up files you may need and ensure that if you are locked out of an email account, you have a way of getting back into it.

Clean Your Electronics

A digital spring clean doesn’t just have to be based in the cloud, however. The physical items you use to access your digital content should also be refreshed. For those who don’t know how to clean mouse, keyboard and other ancillary equipment, simply take an alcohol cleaning wipe for the larger surface areas of both and then take a cotton swab or toothpick to get into the nooks and crannies. Mice will have ridges where the component parts join together while keyboards can collect dirt in the depressions of the keys.

You should be regularly cleaning your phone as experts suggest your smartphone is 10 times as dirty as a toilet seat. Be careful when cleaning your phone as some alcohol rubs may damage an unprotected screen. Laptop screens, monitors, and other electronics should also be refreshed. If we use these electronics in day-to-day life, we may not realize how much they harbor bacteria. If there are any physical devices you need to get rid of, make sure to do so safely or consider if they could be recycled or donated.

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Sort Out Socials

Check through social media. Some may want to purge their following lists – you may no longer like a certain hobby or band or may want to remove an acquaintance you no longer speak to. Consider changing profile pictures, bios, and even thinking of a full refresh. For professional accounts such as LinkedIn, this could be a good time to update and check how you present yourself to the working world.  

A digital spring clean could be a good way to usher in spring. It could also help to put off any actual spring cleaning. No matter what, sorting through devices will make you feel as though they are brand new again, which is only ever a good thing. Finally, close any open tabs – you really won’t look at them again!