Technology Gems

Love jewelry as much as you love your music? EarMecca of Korea is helping us gals get one step closer to blasting our tunes in style. This manufacturer has developed the next generation of jewelry: the functional kind! No longer can men say we have irrational reasons for loving everything that shines, girls can now wear fully functional sparkle. EarMecca has designed
earphones ‘disguised’ as earrings (basically they just look like very fancy earphones to me), available in ten different designs. The designs have stars, crosses, hearts and pearls and can be personalized with the choice of a gold or silver earphone. These earphones can match to your outfit, so it makes sense that big divas will have more than one pair!
The earrings have a clip that attaches the entire contraption to your earlobe. The length of the body can be adjusted to accommodate every wearer’s individual ear size. The only downside I can see to this design is that there are still wired attached to the end of your headphones-turned-earrings. If they can make it with integrated bluetooth, then we’re talking! For the time being though we still have to be patient to get these little gems on the
market, they are not available in the United States yet.

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