Travelling With Your Vape – Why You Should Stock Up Before You Travel

It’s been a trying year and as we get closer to the end of 2020 and into 2021, we’re hopeful that one day soon, we’ll have free reign to travel again. Whether you’re travelling around Australia or you’re keen for an international adventure of a lifetime, you want to make sure you’re prepared. If you vape, it’s essential that you not only stock up on your vaping material before you go, but you also know the laws of the places you’re travelling to.

The following tips are designed to assist with everything you need to be aware of:

How to pack according to airlines

If you’re flying within your state, interstate or internationally, you need to know that airlines have strict rules when it comes to transportation of batteries and flammable fluids. You need to be aware of where you’re packing your vaping equipment. In most cases, your carry-on bag is the best place to store any batteries, devices and fluid (though you need to have your fluid in a see-through plastic bag as well and you can’t take more than 100ml if you’re travelling within Australian airports). If you prefer, you can pack e-liquid into your checked luggage, along with spare coils and empty tanks.

Tip: Empty your vape tank before you fly or you might have some of the fluid leak out due to the pressurisation in the cabin.

Know the laws

Depending on where you travel, you need to know the local laws before you pack your vape for the journey. If you’re travelling within Australia, you can generally take your vape anywhere you go, but in many cases, you can only use it in designated smoking areas. If you’re travelling overseas, you should be fine in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe, however there are some countries where vaping is banned and you could face large penalties if you’re caught with vaping material. This includes China, Dubai, India, Japan, Singapore and Thailand – just to name a few.

Tip: The laws change rapidly so do your research and check before you pack!

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Where can you vape in transit?

You’ll find that most airports offer a smoking area that is not only for cigarettes, but for vapers as well. If you can’t smoke somewhere, you can’t vape either, so take the laws into account when you’re at an international airport. Check for smoking lounges and if you have any queries, ask someone at the information desk. When flying, vaping is treated as smoking and this is banned on all flights. There are hefty fines if you break this law so don’t risk it.

Tip: If you can’t go for the length of your flight without a vape, you might consider patches instead.

Remember that taking care of your vape and knowing the local laws is your responsibility, so if you want to have a stress-free adventure to celebrate coming through the COVID-19 pandemic successfully, do your research before you go.