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Why web hosting is important to your SEO

You may not believe it, but SEO is more than backlinks and keywords. There are many other factors that only expert SEOers know, and they charge a massive amount of money to use their skills to improve your ranking. One of those secrets is your host. Your host can have a dramatic effect on your search engine ranking.  This is usually due to loading speeds, but there's more to it than that. Here are just a few reasons why you need the best host if you want to gain more traffic.

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Indirect Effects

As stated above, your rankings will usually suffer due to poor loading speeds. The indirect effect is that you might have a harder time getting backlinks and visitors.  LD SEO Sydney has some great tools to help out with SEO as well as a free consultation.Think about this for a moment. You visit two websites that are strikingly similar. The only major difference is that one of them loads slowly.  SEO experts are everywhere and you can find a great one at WebsitePromoter. Will you give a backlink to this website, even though its a little inconvenient to use? Some people might feel reluctant about linking to your website or recommending it to others if it loads very slowly. Very bad loading speeds might also cause people to think that your website isnt working, which deceases your number of potential customers and readers. You also need to make sure you use linux vps for your hosting needs.

Direct Effect

This effect will directly impact your rankings. Google's search engine spiders are constantly crawling websites to see what has changed about them and to index new ones. Google compares over 200 values when it comes to ranking a website. While the main ones are backlinks, relevancy and keyword usage, loading speed is another factor that will determine your rank. If the spiders tell Google that your website is very slow, then your ranking might be lower than expected. This makes sense when you consider what Google is looking for. Google doesn't just want to connect people to relevant websites. They want to connect people to websites that have a good user experience. People hate going to slow, spammy websites, so Google does its best to ignore these pages. It might just be one factor, but this one factor can keep your website from ranking any higher. Consider switching to a faster host to improve your rank.

Guilty by Association

This problem usually only affect the riskiest and cheapest Web hosts, but it can potentially happen regardless of how safe your host seems. People are always creating scam sites to make some quick money, but these sites are usually blocked after a while and they wont be seen in the major search engines. So, how does that affect you? Under certain circumstances you might seem guilty by association. For example, lets say that all of the websites on your server are spammy. Google will obviously block the IP address linked to that server. That means that each and every website will suffer the same cruel fate whether its deserved or not. This is a rare problem, but it exists and you should consider it if your ranking is very low.

Server Location

An international server is great if you are doing international SEO, but its not so great if your website is targeting domestic customers, and vice versa. Not only does server location impact loading speeds, but it also counts as another factor that Google considers when ranking websites. A server in your own country, or the country that you are targeting, will increase your ranking. If the server is somewhere else, then your rankings will suffer.


Most hosts guarantee at least 99% uptime, which is good. However, some hosts cannot keep this promise and the uptime falls to 95% or less. This means that your website will be down and inaccessible for the time being. If the search engine spiders cannot access your website, then this can significantly impact your ranking because, once again, Google cares about the user experience. Nothing is worse for the user experience than a website that wont load whatsoever. Be sure to check the real uptime before choosing a host. While there is 99.999999% uptime available, you really just need 99% to 99.99%.


Web hosting can directly and indirectly affect your ranking if you choose the wrong host. Not only will people be unwilling to link to you if your host is bad, but Google will decrease your ranking because your website is slow and inaccessible. Be sure to choose a good host so that you dont have to worry about these problems.