Wobble LCD Clock adds life to room

wobbly-clockWe have seen our fair share of alarm clocks in the past, and while some of them aren't really special in any way, there are others that boasted some interesting design concepts. The Wobble LCD Clock certainly isn't ordinary as it comes with a weighted bottom, making it sway in all directions without toppling over - pretty much the same manner as how a child's inflatable punching bag works. Other than the fresh direction in design, the Wobble LCD Clock comes with the usual bells and whistles, ranging from month and date functions to a stylish, transparent LCD display that appeals more to the younger generation.

The Wobble LCD Clock measures 2.75" x 2" x 1.75" and ships in gray, red, and white colors for $5.95 each. Of course, you won't need to go all the way to punch it since it is already so small – all you need to do is give the Wobble LCD Clock a nice flick with your fingers and watch it go.

Product Page via New Launches

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