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Celebrities that Love Playing bingo

The majority of celebrities know all too well the simple pleasures in life as well as the finer things in life, and one thing a lot of down to earth celebs love is playing bingo! Some even love it so much they have been bingo callers in their past before they became famous! But a great many celebs enjoy hosting bingo games in their homes with their A-lister pals now they’ve hit the big time, when they aren’t sauntering down the red carpet, on their super yachts or fine dining at the best restaurants! Some celebs use bingo as most players do, to win money, socialise and have fun with their friends, but some also play bingo to help those less fortunate and to raise money for charities and other good causes - free click to deposit.

Here are some celebs who are well known for their love of bingo and some just might surprise you!  

Catherine Zeta-Jones 

From a very young age, Catherine Zeta-Jones has been a huge bingo fan and she even took her love of the game a step further by creatively customising bingo balls and bingo cards so she could play a unique game with her family and friends! Her love of bingo started before she was famous and now she and her husband Michael Douglas both enjoy the game and host bingo parties with their friends and family.  

Kate Moss 

Kate Moss loves a game of bingo which might be surprised she had such a rock and roll lifestyle and could always be found in the trendiest bars and clubs, however, Moss’ love of bingo dates back to before her modelling career began. Now she still enjoys the game, sharing her love of bingo with her friends as well as her children, hanging up her dancing shoes on a weekend in favour of playing bingo! 

Russell Crow 

One of the most famous actors as well as a famous film producer and musician, he was in fact a bingo caller before his huge rise to fame! He is still a big fan of the game and the Aussie celeb makes time to play bingo!  

Denise van Outen 

Another celeb who loves the bingo buzz is Denise van Outen who enjoyed bingo before she became a famous actress, dancer and singer and had been spotted at local bingo halls in Essex.  


This might come as a surprise with his rock and roll lifestyle, but Bono the Irish member of the rock band U2 is a huge bingo fan and has been spotted playing bingo with at an establishment in Dublin named Mr. Pussey’s Café playing bingo with other celebrity bingo lovers including Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington. 

Mick Jagger 

Another rock and roll star who loves a spot of bingo is the Rolling Stones frontman’s Mick Jagger who enjoys playing bingo at his home in Richmond in the south of the UK where he hosts extravagant parties where games of bingo are regularly played!  

There are many more celebs who dabble in the game of bingo, and who can blame them!